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Community Payback Orders consultation

The City of Edinburgh Council would like to hear your views on Community Payback Orders (CPO), which are given out by the Court to people to pay for their crimes as an alternative to a prison sentence.  In particular, we would like to know what you think about the unpaid work part of a CPO which replaced community service in 2011. This is when an individual who has committed an offence does unpaid work in the community.

  • Do you have any experience of people doing unpaid work in your community? 
  • Do you think unpaid work gives people the opportunity to repay the community for the crimes they have committed?
  • Do you have any ideas about residents, community projects or organisations who could benefit from unpaid work support? 

You can tell us your views by completing our consultation form by 30 June 2021;

Community Payback Consultation 2021 - City of Edinburgh Council - Citizen Space

If you know of someone or a group that could benefit from unpaid work support, you can complete our suggestion form.  Please note that we may not be able to help with every request we receive but we will tell you why.

Why we are asking for your views

Your information will help us improve how we work with communities.  We want to increase understanding of CPOs and their importance in helping people reintegrate into society and reduce the likelihood of them reoffending. We also want to generate more discussion with communities about unpaid work opportunities.

Findings from the consultation will be included in the Council’s 2020-2021 CPO report in early 2022.

Licensing of Sexual Entertainment Venues - Public Consultation

In October 2019, the Regulatory Committee agreed in principle to introduce a licensing scheme for Sexual Entertainment Venues (SEVs) in Edinburgh following the introduction of new legislation which allows local authorities to license such venues and an initial public consultation exercise. The definition of a SEV is provided by legislation and is aimed at premises providing sexual entertainment often referred to as ‘lap dancing’.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in a delay to the Committee further considering the implementation of a licensing scheme for SEVs. Accordingly, the Committee has instructed that a further consultation should take place on this issue to allow stakeholders another opportunity to engage. This approach also recognises that businesses most directly affected by a new licensing regime have been closed since March 2020, and may require further support to effectively engage with the consultation.

This consultation is open until 2 July 2021 and asks for views on a proposed licensing policy and set of licensing conditions for Sexual Entertainment Venues, should the Committee agree to implement a licensing scheme. It is important to note at the outset that if the Council chooses not to adopt these powers, premises which offer this type of entertainment can continue to operate as they do currently.

Adoption of the powers to license SEVs does not imply approval of these premises by the Council. Premises used as massage parlours or saunas are not included in this legislation or in the definition of sexual entertainment, and will not be affected by these proposals.

The aim of the consultation is to seek community and business views on the proposed licensing policy and conditions framework in respect of Sexual Entertainment Venues in Edinburgh. To give your views, please click here to access the weblink.

CEC Public Space Management Plan (PSMP)

incl edinThe City Centre Programme would like your involvement, input and advice in developing and refining the new Public Space Management Plan (PSMP). The PSMP will set out how Edinburgh manages its public outside space for events, filming and festivals.

Please accept this invitation to you/your group, as a stakeholder in Public Spaces, to take part in this collaborative engagement.

We are hosting it on a web-platform that will run until 23 Nov. The ‘home page’ (link below) introduces the engagement and gives some background to the PSMP. This ‘home page’ describes and links to 4 ‘challenges’ that are hosted on a collaborative engagement on-line tool, Dialogue. The 4 ‘challenges’ are:

  • Public Space Management Plan - Key Principles and Guidelines
  • Area Conditions
  • Application process for Organisers
  • Community Engagement

Each of these 4 ‘challenges’ have ‘ideas’ that we ask you to consider and comment on (just comment on the ones you want to). You can also raise your own ‘ideas’ if you think something is missing.

I’m sure I am making this sound really confusing but hopefully when you go to the site and move around to get familiar with it, it will make sense to you! Please do contact me if you have any problems.

The link to the site is here:

You do not need to register on Dialogue to see the content or comments and ideas that others make but you will need to register with a user name if you wish to make a comment or add an idea. Council officers have been asked to register their user name in the same format as mine Ian_CEC so others can see when a council officer is commenting.

You are not limited to the number of registered users you can have, so you can choose whether to have just one of your group register and comment etc, or several/all. If several/all, it would be helpful if you used a similar format as me (Ian_CEC with CEC for City of Edinburgh Council), so you can see all your groups input and others can link input from one group. You can obviously register however you like though.

What happens next? This collaborative engagement will help develop and refine the Public Space Management Plan and it is planned that it will be presented to the Culture & Communities Committee as a draft on 26 January 2020 (lead in time means I need the draft prepared for the second week in December). If Committee approve the draft, it will go to public consultation during Feb/April with the final PSMP presented to the following Culture & Communities Committee on 15 June 2020 for approval.

Thank you and looking forward to some productive collaborative engagement.



Ian Buchanan | City Centre Programme | Level 1.4 | Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG | Tel: 0131 458 8020 | Mobile: 07778 491 586

***I work Mon-Thurs and from home***

Strengthening Community Councils

Along with Community Councillors from other parts of Scotland several representatives from Edinburgh Community Councils attended the event in the Centre for Carbon Innovation on 23rd April 2019.

On relecting the Strengthening Community Councils event, Andrew Paterson of Scottish Community Development Centre (SCDC) wonders if it’s time to rebalance how we think of, and support, community councils. He suggested:

“It’s good to see a balanced view of community councils for a change”

But he thinks there was a clear message from more than one person attending the event The report , presentation slides and notes from the meeting are linked  below

The website link is 

Shaping the future of your water and waste water services

Launched on February 28, the survey encourages our customers and stakeholders to help us determine priorities over the next 25 years.

Respondents are being asked to provide their views on three main ambitions:

  • Delivering consistently leading customer service
  • Keeping customer prices low
  • Increasing the reliability, resilience and sustainability of our services.

The six-month consultation draws to a close on August 31. To date more than 3,300 people have visited the consultation microsite

The Shaping the Future consultation reaches the Royal Highland Show at Ingliston, Edinburgh in June.

Visitors will be able to watch a series of short films which tell the story of our ambitions for the next 25 years and give us their views. Anyone who completes the survey at the events will also be given a new-look Scottish Water refill bottle.

Further information on Shaping the Future can be found at along with the chance to watch the videos and take part in the survey.

Edinburgh Economic Strategy

As stated in appendix 2 of the document linked below, the development of the economic strategy has been informed by a series of engagement workshops held during the autumn of 2017, as well as analysis of the performance of the city economy in recent years.  In particular, the authors have been keen to ensure the strategy reflects and captures the priorities for the local economy expressed in Locality Improvement Plans, and the consultation that was carried out to develop those plans.  As such, the strategy aims to set out a city-wide programme of work which builds on locality aspirations to tackle barriers to employment, address poverty and worklessness, improve access to education, training and work opportunities, and support local businesses, amongst other programmes.

The strategy is currently being considered by elected members in advance of discussions at the Council’s Housing and Economy Committee on 22nd March.  To help us take on board feedback, it would be very helpful if comments could be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | Corporate Manager – Strategy Projects, preferably by 20th February if possible (though we will be able to take on board comments received after that date).

 The document can be downloaded from this link 

EACC belongs to every Edinburgh Community Council

Its aim is to provide support, advise and give a collective voice for community councils when facing the challenges community councillors encounter on an almost daily basis. No one person is more important than any other. All community councils have a voice on the EACC!!